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Because it's your turn!

Have you always wanted to eat healthy and had no idea how to start ?


Personalized Consultations

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Are you tired of all of the apps that don’t really work

and you are feeling alone?

Are you confused by all of the information

and you just need to know what is right for you?

Are you tired of eating the same foods

and missing ideas and variety?

Have you always wanted someone to give you that push, watch your progress closely (but from afar) and help you understand what is right for you and your body?

It's finally your turn

to put yourself first!

Change your state of mind

Behave in a more balanced and mindful way

Eat right and eat healthy with personal guidance

סופי HealthEAT logo.png

We will worry about your health needs by providing you with nutritional support and menu ideas

We invite you to a one month long personalized program which includes:


Two Zoom meetings of an hour each (One  Zoom upon initiation of the program and the other will be after 3 weeks).

Daily support and advice on your own joint WhatsApp group.


During our first Zoom meeting we will go over your daily routine and eating habits, your health conditions, your food preferences, and food sensitivities.

Together we will go over your pantry and discuss what you need and what you should avoid plus much more.

Together we will build weekly menus, share recipes and provide tips to help you reach success!


We will be with you throughout the whole process focusing on your individual needs, tackling challenges, and finding solutions.

By your second Zoom meeting we expect you will be feeling stronger and more balanced. We will review your accomplishments and successes, likes and dislikes and evaluate the need for any modifications.


Together we will plan the last week of the program, with emphasis on the future. 


Our goal is for you to continue your journey with new tools

that lead to continued success!

About US


Sara Black

Executive Chef Sara Black has been in the culinary world for 20+ Years. She has traveled the world, experimented and studied Kosher and Non-Kosher gourmet cooking, acquiring the unique ability to convert any style of food into an amazing Kosher Healthy dish!

Sara believes that the Jewish world needs quality kosher food without compromises. To that end, Sara spends part of her time practicing nutritious and healthy foods, adjusting specified menus and recipes according to specific food needs, making the world a tastier, healthier, kosher environment.


Judy Kizer

Judy holds a master’s degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University. Although her training was in traditional dietetics, she has always focused on a more holistic and integrative approach to nutrition and health.

Her approach is individual-centered versus disease-centered and focuses on the whole person and not just on a set of symptoms.​

Judy works with the individuals to develop and healthy eating lifestyle that is realistic and practical without extremes.

Your Investment

Your determination and 990 NIS for the personal program

I'm in!

How does it work?


Very simple!

just leave your name and contact information

  and we will get back to you 

as soon as possible

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