Personalized chef meals to your door!

We provide fully prepared, ready-to-eat meals straight to your door. Our gourmet meals are fresh, kosher and nutritious. 


We cater to all diets and food sensitivities


Food preparation is done in a sterile environment catering to gluten-free diets, diabetes, food allergies, post-surgery, health diets, and more.

A personalized nutrition plan

Here at HealthEat we work closely with an experienced nutritionist who takes an active part in creating a perfectly tailored menu for your health and dietary needs.

You can choose to receive as many ready-to-eat meals each week as you want. Whether it's twice a week or everyday, we're happy to help. We'll help you plan the rest of the meals that aren't catered by us, with the help of our nutritionist and taking into account your special dietary requirements and preferences. 

HealthEat meals are the perfect option if you're finding it hard to navigate a new diet due to health reasons, or if you simply don't have the time to cook up fresh, healthy and nutritious meals for your family. 

Meet Sara Black Charm

Executive Chef & Kosher Culinary Expert

Executive Chef Sara Black has been in the culinary world for 20+ Years. She has traveled the world, experimented and studied Kosher and Non-Kosher gourmet cooking, acquiring the unique ability to convert any style of food into an amazing Kosher Healthy dish!

Sara has a rich experience as a Head Chef of a Jerusalem 5 star hotel. She is the owner and executive chef of Asparagus Catering & KoChef, managing events to create the perfect occasion! 

Sara is well known as a private chef, creating incredible Kosher meals that complete and complement the perfect healthy adjusted meals.

Sara believes that the Jewish world needs quality kosher food without compromises. To that end, Sara spends part of her time practicing nutritious and healthy foods, adjusting specified menus and recipes according to specific food needs, making the world a tastier, healthier, kosher environment.

What I Specialize In

Meet Judy Kizer

Experienced Nutritionist & Wellness Adviser

Judy holds a master’s degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University. Although her training was in traditional dietetics, she has always focused on a more holistic and integrative approach to nutrition and health.

Her approach is individual-centered versus disease-centered and focuses on the whole person and not just on a set of symptoms.

Judy works with the individuals to develop and healthy eating lifestyle that is realistic and practical without extremes.

When she isn’t advising on health she may be found teaching tap dance, choreographing or mothering her three lively sons.

Meet Josh Rubin

Dieting Coach and Professional Therapist

Josh Rubin is a dieting coach and therapist with a masters in counselling from North Eastern university and Master Practitioner of NLP therapy.

His specialty is in helping people resolve inner conflicts between their desire to eat healthy and their desire to eat fatty foods.


Josh believes that while weight loss is expressed in the body it begins in having the thoughts that lead to weight loss. He helps people align their thoughts, emotions and bodies. Making it easy to stay away from sweets and carbs. 

Josh’s mantra is “Support, Support, Support” i.e. with the right amount of support people successfully lose weight, keep it off and create long term healthy eating habits. 

Josh loves working out, spends time playing guitar and writing children stories for his nine grandchildren.

Our Goals

Establish Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Daily stable meals

Specific food needs

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Menu fitted to medical issues 

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Menu Ideas

Appetizer options:

Broccoli soup

Carrot coconut soup

Minestrone soup

Baby greens 

Spinach and pear salad

Cabbage and herb salad

Classic Israeli Salad

Lettuce and cabbage salad with toasted cashews

Quinoa green taboule 


Main course options:


Tofu/bean and nut stuffed butternut squash

Tofu Steak coated with crushed almonds, pistachios and walnuts

Tofu based burgers with herbs

Seitan based steak marinated with fine herbs



Moroccan style white fish cooked with tomatoes, herbs and garbanzo beans

Salmon served with Seaweed flakes and tahini

Salmon marinated with garlic, olive oil, dill and parsley

Salmon gravlax served with dill and garlic butter 


Grilled Chicken breast seasoned with dried tomatoes and basil pesto

Stuffed chicken breast with fresh herbs and mushrooms

Marinated Pargit steak

Stuffed swiss chard with beef, almonds, walnuts and fresh herbs

Stuffed butternut squash with ground chicken, chestnuts and fresh herbs


Side dish options (2 of choice)

Wild rice 

Steamed red rice

Buckwheat with mushrooms and onions

Roasted sweet potatoes 

Roasted pumpkin cubes with craisins, ginger and cinnamon

Sauteed zucchini with mint

Sauteed baby spinach with onions

Seasoned green beans



Apple/pear compote 

Nut based fruit cobbler

Tahini cookies

Fresh fruit salad

Fruit tartlets

Food Preparation

We Take Your Health Personally

Thank you so much for your delicious food! thanks again for answering my questions about gluten on Friday afternoon. My family thoroughly enjoyed it and it made my mom's birthday extra special! We particularly loved your chicken soup, eggplant salad, chicken, and Osso bucco was Grand. I think my brother is still raving about the meat. Thank you so so much again and I look forward to the next time!

P.H, Ranana, IL

Best I ever tasted! 
The Chicken soup was terrific, Sushi excellent, spinach excellent, Tongue & Pesto good flavor, Lasagna excellent.
The best gluten-free desserts, period.
With all of my food ristrictions, with your food I feel so much better and healthier.
Thank you!

Hindi K.Jerusalem, IL

When the doctor told me I have Anemia, I was startled and upset. Change all my eating habits? Impossible. I contacted Sara at HealthEat and I don't understand now why I was so worried!  Sara, those spinach patties were so good, along with all the soups and delicius meals you made me, I already feel so much stronger! You are the best, worth every penny.

A.B., Jerusalem, IL

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