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Conventions and Lunches

Asparagus Catering provides catering services for businesses and organizations.

Conventions, Lunches, Food drop offs and more.

Convention Day Menu



Breakfast Snacks

Coffee, Tea selection, fresh mint, sugar, brown sugar

Homemade cakes and cookies




Soft drinks- Seltzer, water, orange juice


3 Salads of your choice

Greek eggplant salad served with vinaigrette sauce

Romanian style eggplant salad

Baba Ganush eggplant salad served with diced tomatoes and parsley

Chinese bean sprout salad served with ginger and soy

Cherry tomato salad served with basil

Beetroot salad served with parsley and scallions

Grilled antipasti salad served with garlic and basil

Green Tahini salad

White cabbage salad served with fine herbs

Red cabbage salad served with mayonnaise and fresh lemon

Cucumber salad served with vinegar and red pepper cubes

Couscus salad served with vegetables

Tabule salad served with tomatoes and parsley

Grilled pepper salad


Main Course

Marinated salmon

Herb chicken cutlets

Grilled chicken thighs

Roasted potatoes

Sesame string beans



Apple Crumble Pie

Fruit platters

At Your Service

Tel: IL +972-54-770-2608 | US +1917-677-2108



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